洛克儀器股份有限公司自1980年創業以來歷經20年由門市販售,批發經銷商、代理進口、研發製造等階段,每個階段都踏實走過同時也博得消費者、同業及代理原廠的肯定,最值得一提的是自1996年連續榮獲原廠頒發亞太地區最傑出經銷商。 自1995年取得美國Tektronix授權經銷,致力於示波器、邏輯分析儀、任意波形產生器及相關電子量測儀器的推廣銷售、教育訓練及產品維修。 更於1993年投資成立錞鐿科技股份有限公司(BRYMEN),集一群精英製造一系列的多功能電錶、多功能鉤錶、與三相功率表欲與世界第一品牌相抗衡,歷經不段地研究,目前BRYMEN電錶BM200系列、BM520系列、BM810a系列、BM820系列、BM850a系列、BM860系列等不僅獲得全世界OEM廠一致品質與功能的讚賞外,價格更是僅以第一品牌的一半提供消費者。 為提供客戶更於多的應用及選擇,更2002代理了SAPPHIRE的差動探棒,提供客戶更完整的差動訊號量測選項,在洛克與三華的共同努力下,不斷的改進產品增加產品的種類及功能和精度,於業績上續創新高。 基於與客戶共創雙贏局面,更於2011年1月取得 Ametek Programmable Power部門全系列產品之台灣獨家代理權,此系列產品結合了以往全球居領先地位品牌-Elgar、Sorensen 、California Instrument、PwerTEN,提供了最完整的DC、AC、電子負載等測試儀器,客制化部門也提供了電池/太陽能/衛星太陽能模擬/測試設備。 結合了設計、製造代理、銷售的儀器鏈、未來三年洛克將按部就班完成階段性的使命─ 成立國家級儀校室,高級儀器售後訓練中心提供購買者完整性的服務。我們期許洛克儀器股份有限公司在團隊的努力下成為國際最優秀的儀器公司之一,也深盼先進不吝賜教讓我更臻完美。

Venable 電能儲存分析儀, 2161、2165、2185、2361、2365、2385

提供Venable 電能儲存分析儀的詳細產品服務資訊,包括型號、名稱、敘述和規格。我們秉持著精益求精及高品質保證,提供一系列實用且價格合理的Venable 電能儲存分析儀產品,並以多年的豐富經驗及技術獲得國內外客戶讚許及肯定,若您有任何採購2161、2165、2185、2361、2365、2385, Venable 電能儲存分析儀需求,歡迎與我們聯絡。


Venable 電能儲存分析儀

功能說明 :


Energy Storage Test System

For mission-critical applications, researchers and manufacturers need to know without a doubt that batteries are charged and will keep a charge. Our Energy Storage Testing instrument (ESTi™), a commercial off-the shelf, PC-based modular battery test solution, offers highly accurate measurements at a fraction of the cost of a custom test system.

This system’s highly intuitive ESTiViewTM drag-and-drop software powers the ESTi platform. You can quickly program charge, discharge, pulse, and ramp parameters to reflect exactly what you need to measure. You can also easily modify parameters based on changing application needs, create custom reporting dashboards, drag-and-drop module tests, and provide meaningful and actionable data from tests.


Key Features


Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive ESTiView software that provides a flexible, drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI) to easily create and manage battery test programs

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Harsh Environments

The Only Instrument on the Market with Wide Thermal Calibration Support

Instruments are thermally calibrated for operation in an ambient temperature range of 0°C to 50°C, making them ideal for use in harsh environments

Scalable system


Test multiple cells simultaneously in a multi-node environment, easily upgrade to increase testing capacity as your application needs evolve

Advanced Capabilities in One Machine

Advanced Capabilities in One Machine

ESTi combines capabilities of several custom batttery test systems into a single instrument delivering the lowest cost-per-watt testing capacity on the market


Battery Test Products

Battery Test Equipment

ESTi 2161

6V, 1A programmable power source/sink; ESTiView V1.1.

Charge and Discharge Battery

ESTi 2165

6V, 5A programmable power source/sink; ESTiView V1.1.

Energy Storage Analysis

ESTi 2185

18V, 5A programmable power source/sink; ESTiView V1.1.

Energy Storage Testing

ESTi 2361 with EIS

6V, 1A programmable power source/sink; ESTiView V1.1. 2361 includes AC test capabilities (10uHz-200kHz) for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and AC Voltammetry.

Energy Storage Testing Equipment

ESTi 2365 with EIS

6V, 5A programmable power source/sink; ESTiView V1.1. 2365 includes AC test capabilities (10uHz-200kHz) for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and AC Voltammetry.

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

ESTi 2385 with EIS

18V, 5A programmable power source/sink; ESTiView V1.1. 2385 includes AC test capabilities (10uHz-200kHz) for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and AC Voltammetry.

Electrochemical Techniques Supported

Electrochemical Techniques Supported

  • Constant Charging and Discharging (current or voltage)
  • Constant Power or Load
  • Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV)
  • Cyclic Voltammetry (CV)
  • Step Voltammetry
  • Pulse Voltammetry [e.g., square wave voltammetry (SWV)]
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
  • Potentiostatic Intermittent Titration (PITT)
  • Galvanostatic Intermittent Titration (GITT)
  • AC Voltammetry

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Battery Testing Applications


  • Corrosion Measurement
  • Energy Device Testing {e.g., Batteries]
  • Electrolysis
  • Fuel Cells
  • Coating Evaluation
  • Sensors


Features that Put You in the Driver's Seat


Venable's modular architecture supports instrument scalability, protecting your investment.

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Based in Austin, Texas, USA, Venable Instruments provides direct support for technical and application questions, calibrations, and repairs.


Venable Instruments rents FRAs and the ESTi on a monthly basis and supports a lease to own program.


Venable provides a standard one year warranty which covers any defects in material or workmanship on new instruments. Optional 3 and 5 year extended warranties are available.


Venable Provides the Support Necessary to Ensure Your Success

Telephone and Email Support

Telephone and Email Support

Venable is one of the only instrument manufacturers that offers telephone support (during normal US business hours) and by email with our experienced team of engineers

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Onsite Engineering Consultation

Onsite Engineering Consultation

Our customers see us as an extension of their own engineering teams, which sometimes means filling in internal resource gaps

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Repairs and RMAs

Repairs and RMAs

If we can’t resolve it by telephone or email, a Return to Manufacturer Authorization (RMA) will be promptly provided.

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Instrument Calibrations

Instrument Calibrations

Calibration is essential for confidence in your instrument’s accuracy, so you can be assured that the reading you obtain from your instrument is accurate.

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battery test



A growing dependency on batteries requires diagnostics to maintain or predict battery reliability. There were many battery testing methods available, such as voltage reading, Coulomb counting and so on. However, these methods seldom provide full scale accuracy or have long testing periods, becoming a limiting step in battery processing throughput. This created a need for not only accurate but fast testing technologies for energy storage devices with good demonstration of reliability and repeatability.

洛克儀器股份有限公司,Keithley代理,Tektronix代理,Tektronix示波器以顧客滿意服務為宗旨,提供專業的Venable 電能儲存分析儀諮詢與服務。歡迎您透過上述表單將Venable 電能儲存分析儀的洽詢需求傳送給我們,我們會儘快與您聯絡。若您對於其他2161、2165、2185、2361、2365、2385, Venable 電能儲存分析儀產品服務有任何採購需求,亦可來信或來電洽詢,我們會提供最優質服務並且立即解決您的問題。